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    Last Lunch at Hominy Grill, Thursday, April 25th at 11:00 for 12 people

    Charleston's Best Restaurant Club

    Hominy Grill is closing by the end of April. Let's have one last lunch there and hopefully they will have their chocolate pudding. I will call that morning to verify. They don't take reservations but if we all meet at 11:00 we can sit together.

    April Lunch: The Glass Onion

    Entrepreneurs Who Eat

    Join us Thursday, 4/25, for lunch at 11:30 at the Glass Onion! On the menu: Fried green tomatoes, Gulf shrimp, Fried chicken, Pork Chops, and Intentional conversation with fellow entrepreneurs. Our springboard topic of discussion will be...

    How Do You Introduce Your Business?

    Women's Power Networking: Coffee and Contacts™ Charleston

    Let's continue on with what we learned from Kathy Bartholomew, fine tune and expand to a 3 minute. We'll share our 30 second and 3 minute intros. Get input and take it out there and practice. That's how we get better. Sharing with one another and...

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