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  • Community Events

    Happy Hour at Pour Taproom

    Charleston Paddle Club

    Come to Pour Taproom and support The Charleston Paddle Club, a local non-profit group (501(c)3) with a passion for paddle sports, physical fitness, fellowship and protecting our waterways. All you eat and drink will bring 15% to the club, which...

    Thursday Evening Kayaking!

    Coastal Kayaking Club

    DETAILS(Please read carefully)*Level 1.5 (L2 if wind 10mph or above are forecasted).See the bottom of the page for a description of experience required. This is ideal for the new(ish) kayaker, or a more experienced paddler looking for a slower,...

    What are these crazy oils everyone is talking about????

    Charleston Living Naturally

    What are these crazy oils everyone is talking about???? Please join me for Wednesday May 23rd at 7:30pm CST In your home in your PJ's if you are in them by 730pm....:) We are going to talk about*What are essential oils*Why doTERRA*How to use...

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